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Judea Desert and Dead Sea

The Judean Desert is considered to be a relatively small desert as deserts go, but it contains many fascinating nature reserves, historic sites, monasteries and primeval panoramas that make it an exciting and unique place to visit.​page. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

Herod Palace

Masada is located atop an isolated rock cliff at the western end of the Judean Desert, overlooking the Dead See. It is a natural fortress of majestic beauty in the Desert and a symbol of the ancient kingdom of Israel, with its violent destruction and the last stand of Jewish patriots in the face of the Roman army, in 73 A.D.

King Herod, also known as Herod the Great, King of Judea, built a palace complex here, in the classic style of the early Roman Empire. The camps, fortifications and attack ramp that encircle the monument constitute the most complete Roman siege works surviving to the present day.

This is a site that has remained untouched for more than thirteen centuries, but remains a symbol of Jewish heroism. 

Ein Gedi

On the way to Masada, we will pass through a beautiful oasis. Nakhal David and Nakhal Arugot flow year-round through deep canyons. The combination of En Gedi's location and its fresh water sources allow a wide variety of plant and animal species to thrive side by side. 

The ancient synagogue is located nearby. Five inscriptions have been discovered on the synagogue floor. The style and content of these inscriptions (including the fact that there are no pictures of people) indicate that the Ein Gedi community was an unusual one.


Only a 15-minute drive from Kaseer El Yahud  is the ancient village of Qumran, on the northwest corner of the Dead Sea, where almost 2000 years ago, a Jewish sect affiliated with the Essenes left the area, leaving behind nearly 900 scrolls, discovered in 1947 and constituting the oldest Bible ever found.

Kasser el Yahud

Located on the Jordan River, near Jericho. According to the New Testament narrative, it is the spot where Jesus was baptized.  According to the Old Testament it is also the place where the Israelites crossed over the Jordan River and Elijah the Prophet ascended to heaven.

It is also a border between Israel and Jordan and the colorfulness of its residents will reflect that. 

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